Elleduesse Contrafforti S.r.l. is a leader company as far as components and accessories for shoes in Italy and several foreign Countries are concerned. Born in 1977 thanks to the willingness of its founding members – coming from very qualified experiences in the same field – to offer very high quality counters, the company has been gaining an increasing number of customers by working with reliability, flexibility and accessibility.

Thanks to the product quality, to the professional advice and the customer service the company has been constantly growing and it has now become the reference partner of the most famous Italian and international shoes manufacturers and designers.

Year after year the company has turned from a small manufacturing activity into one of the strongest industrial realities in this field, and it has been expanding the range of the products offered, always maintaining the same high quality that characterizes it. Besides counters we now offer assembly insoles, thermoplastic adhesives, nail covers in regenerated leather, toe-puffs, and several types of accessories.

The company keeps on growing by investing in the research for new materials and technologies, and by always keeping in mind that well-stimulated human resources are one of the main guarantees of the company success.

The great competence and abilities of our technicians are nowadays supported by forefront machinery: designing of new products, modelling, cutting, and manufacturing are carried out using CAD-CAM and NC-machines in order to increase the speed and versatility of the production process, to curb costs but, at the same time, not to damage quality. In fact, in order to maintain a high quality level, some of these processes are still hand-made. We constantly get praised for this feature by our customers.

Moreover, our research department works hard to find and develop always better materials and technologies, also by cooperating with our several suppliers.